Established August 2013, Slow Culture was founded as an independent art gallery located in the Northeast Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park.  With an exhaustive schedule of programming, the gallery has been focused on developing a narrative of it’s own over the past 3 years.  From art shows, commercial projects, to off site exhibits, an extensive range of media has been explored.  During this time, the concept has evolved from gallery to a culture based platform.  

Committed to sustaining this growth, Slow Culture felt the need to find a new home.  With an established community of art galleries and proximity to Downtown Los Angeles, Chinatown felt like the right location.  This new space will provide the gallery flexibility to expand it’s concept and provide their community a facility to help foster their creative growth. Slow Culture’s focus is to develop a both physical and digital platform to support artists & creatives across all mediums. 


For general inquiries please email info@slowculture.com