Court EP Release& Installation
One Night Only:  May 26, 8-10PM

Slow Culture is proud to present the next installment in our music series with a live video installation to celebrate the latest release “Court” from Los Angeles based producer
D Tiberio.  A lifelong resident of the city, this release is an intimate recording of his personal growth paralleled with the development of his childhood neighborhood. 

Originally established as an art gallery, we are excited to extend our platform to music projects and share our passion for the bourgeoning scene developing right in our own backyard.  As our establishment grows, we feel it is important for Slow Culture to support ALL mediums within our creative community. 

"Court EP is my third release on Timetable Records and was made in the wake of losing my mother to cancer while simultaneously being let go from my job. Under the circumstances I was fortunate enough to be able to move back into my childhood home located in Boyle Heights where the EP was completed. 

The songs are comprised of samples from my Mother's record collection and songs from my childhood. Audio recordings of the neighborhood are spread throughout the EP and song titles inform memories of growing up in Boyle Heights. Court is my reintroduction to the neighborhood where I cut my teeth."

"The installation is a collaboration between myself and Joe Kawata, which consists of a series of video projections set to the music of the Court EP. The videos were filmed entirely in Boyle Heights where I reside and where my family has lived since my Grandparent's parents had immigrated there from Mexico in the early 1900s. 

Boyle Heights is one of the few surrounding neighborhoods of downtown Los Angeles that hasn't been gentrified so I wanted to document what my neighborhood looks like right now in 2016. Everything is filmed on a phone while skating because that is exactly how my friends and I explored the neighborhood when we were growing up, except replace the phone with my Grandma's VHS video camera."