Travis Millard - Kiss My Aura                                                                                  Exhbition Dates: September 5 - October 3, 2014

Slow Culture is proud to present the latest solo exhibition from artist Travis Millard: “Kiss My Aura.”  

A culmination of new and previously unseen works spanning the artist’s comprehensive career.   From brilliantly intricate abstractions to obsessive doodles scrawled across old junk mail, works showcase a seasoned illustrator exploring his versatility through various incarnations of conventional insecurities. Drawings examine a variety of themes including memories, dreams, and other familiar modern anxieties dealt.

Concurrently, the artist will also debut a collection of his pancake curiosities sealed in resin. Over the past year and a half, Travis has been crafting pancakes for the internet while also quietly archiving a number of them by preserving these culinary creations on a plate in resin. Derived from punk logos, horror films and other odd concepts, Travis pulls from ideas one might not normally consider for this age old family tradition.

Kiss My Aura represents a pivotal moment in Travis’ highly lauded career.  An exemplary view into the mind of a humble, diligent artist finding clarity through process in creating his most focused work to date.  This exhibition is a pure representation of persevering through ones inner turmoil -the process of channeling adverse energy into a comprehensive body of work.