Eric McHenry - The Terrible Tusk Show                                                                  Exhibition Dates: June 14 - July 11, 2014

Slow Culture is proud to present The Terrible Tusk Show, the first solo gallery exhibition by artist Eric McHenry.  Utilizing various found materials from notepads to letters to photographs, the artist has created a hybrid form of mixed media collage and illustration.  Born out of a necessity to have mobile art materials; this style of creating work was the ideal solution for an artist balancing a career.  Framed grids of memo pad drawings expound on the repetitive and mundane nature of a conventional 9-5 job.  Frenzied drawings of sculptures, caricatures and quotes offer a unique perspective into the mind of a bright and emerging artist.  Traditionally working in monochromatic colors, these new works also introduce a broader use of color experimentation.  The Terrible Tusk Show is an over the top expression of the artist’s free spirited lifestyle and venture into new mediums.  A contemporary juxtaposition defined by a youthful generations desire to fuse any and every counter culture at their disposal.