Ben Sanders - Graves Of Craving
Exhibition Dates: May 9 - June 6 2014

Slow Culture is proud to present “Graves Of Craving.” The first solo exhibition by artist Ben Sanders.  Initially inspired by bowls of pho, these food related works chronicle Sanders' growing interest into the processes of gastronomy and their overlapping connection to artistic production.  A study into his fascination with culinary technique using the subject matter as a jumping off point for formal and material experimentation.  Dried brushstrokes are peeled and collected off of glass like ingredients in a pantry then collaged onto paintings. Precisely painted gradients are layered with screen print, and air brush; even paint squeezed from piping bags normally used to frost cakes.  These ultra flat surfaces contrast with areas of rich impasto where food is depicted abstractly to form loose abbreviations of the real thing. The end result: a pure exploration of form, color, and composition fused by a highly personalized contemporary approach.