Rick Rodney - The Present Past                                                                            Exhibition Dates: August 2, 2013 - August 30, 2013 

Slow Culture is pleased to open its doors to The Present Past, a photo show commemorating both the gallery's inauguraJon, as well as the first solo exhibiJon from photographer, hardcore frontman, Rick Rodney, opening on Friday, August 2, 2013, 7-10 PM.

The Present Past is a curated collection of photographs taken over the course of the last decade. Selected not only for their rich aestheJc quality, each image is meant to evoke a feeling, as it did for the photographer when the picture was first being conceived.

"I don't like the idea of being one type of photographer, or arJst, or person. I'm drawn to all kinds of things around me, from portraiture to fashion to street life. I find it so strange that one day I'm ge[ng paid to take pictures of models, or whatever, which seems so irrelevant when I'm snapping photos of people surviving on the streets. I've always been painfully aware of how close any of us is to landing on the other side. I've never felt comfortable with comfort, or taken it for granted, and I think the images in this show are reflecJve of that."

Not only is The Present Past a documentaJon of the varied physical and emoJonal living condiJons of Rodney's own life, it's also a comment on the speed with which things happen in the digital age, how rapidly they become outdated, how quickly the present can become the past.

"People have asked me why I haven't done a photo show before, but I don't think you become a photographer overnight or because of who you know. You can't really comment on the world without having been through shit. I've traveled, I've been broke, I've had my heartbroken, I've been on the verge of living out of my car. Photography is a lot like life, it's a growing process. A series of evoluJons and transiJons and unpleasant phases. This is what I've done up unJl now, and hopefully it says something."