Ryan De La Hoz - Rise From Your Grave                                                                           Leo Eguiarte - Holographic Conjuration                                                                 Exhibition Dates: January 11th - February 14th 2014


Ryan De La Hoz “Rise From Your Grave”

Slow Culture is proud to present Rise From Your Grave, an exhibition of new works by Ryan De La Hoz.  Working in unconventional mediums such as custom blankets, puzzles, and faux marble, De La Hoz has pioneered an innovative style in a class of it’s own.  Collages of white noise, flowers and tie-dye are all hand cut and assembled to create mystic portals of intrigue.  Heavily influenced by themes of death and rebirth, inspiration for works are found anywhere from video games, to comics, to photographs by his grandmother.  Coinciding with a fresh and hopeful time of year, Rise From Your Grave is an introspective look into both the mental and physical odyssey of resurrection.

Leo Eguiarte “Holographic Conjuration”

Slow Culture is proud to present Holographic Conjuration, an exhibition of new works by Leo Eguiarte.  Using discarded computer boards, Leo reappropriate’s them as canvas to create intricate visions of a hollow universe.  Templates of sacred geometry investigate the complex intricacies of humanity.  Holographic Conjuration is a visual metaphor for the illusionary state we as people are subjected to by our material desires. The work addresses issues of perceived power and its consolidation by a selected minority, the psychological, social, spiritual, and cultural effects of which are visible on both micro and macro levels.