Jerry Hsu, Jason Nocito & Nate Walton
Opening Reception: November 5th, 7-10PM
Exhibition Dates: November 5 - November 27

Slow Culture is proud to present Infinite Earths, a three person exhibition featuring Jerry Hsu, Jason Nocito & Nate Walton.  

Infinite Earths presents three responses using the photographical impulse as a method of searching and recognizing, to uncover the ways people find meaning in what is not designed to be noticed. Jerry Hsu, Jason Nocito & Nate Walton display their instinctive visual influences that while distinctly different, are connected in their elliptical and expressive approaches to creating material representations of ephemeral connections.

Technically sharp, Nocito’s photographs are defined by their subtle, formal clarity and an acute sensitivity towards their subject matter. Captures of reflections - taken at the moment when water becomes hard from refracted light - shifts the focus from city infrastructure to the physical limits of their presence, revealing how they claim, degrade, form and illuminate their surroundings. Hsu’s subtle and elegant gestures expands the negotiation of place in seeking out the uncanny in occurrences, environments and characters of the everyday. Bound as much to the camera as to the world’s reality, one man’s trash becomes another man’s pleasure. The altered states of Walton’s intimate portraits conflates the boundaries between subject and viewer, testing the fictional and complex relationship between both. His portrayals of women - effervescent, only enough but not fully satisfying, existing somewhere in the morning after the night before - highlights the dialectical relation between inner and outer worlds. 

Engagement with cultural identity is both a means and an end; photographs engage our desire for insight into a culture upon seeing ourselves reflected back on a critical, yet accessible scale. Tracing all possible routes in Infinite Earths - the boundaries of both body and city -  brings us closer to encompassing the dimensions of meaning and affect, through these interlocking gazes. 

The more you can complete a fantasy, the better the fantasy becomes.

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