Sky's Eyes
Opening Reception: October 2, 2015 7-10PM
Exhibition Dates: October 2 - November 1, 2015

Slow Culture is proud to present “Sky’s Eyes”, the latest solo exhibition from artist Mel Kadel. This new collection of works from Kadel includes an exciting series of 100+ brand new, original works.  Over the last year Kadel has turned her focus on working on a much smaller scale while building such a large body of work.  Her dedication has resulted in new directions and techniques thatare expanding on the carefully detailed drawings she is known for. 

Once again, we’re invited to enter that semi-psychedelic world full of colorful patterns and stories that Kadel creates. There is intimacy and warmth, with a twist of strange, that carries throughout the works.  Kadel’s subjects appear to be filled with a quiet purpose set amid a landscape of patterns and evanescentcolors. 

That feeling that Kadel brings to every work is created not only through subject matter but through the careful manipulation of colors and age of every piece of paper. Each piece begins with her signature paper treatment consisting of hand tearing and individually staining each sheet with coffee, before drying under the California sun. When viewing Kadel’s work we can almost imagine ourselves as that piece of paper, laying out in the warm sun after a long day of sitting and soaking, getting a little darker and older with every second that passes. But man, doesn’t it feel good.

made possible with generous support from The Quiet Life & Vans


Mel Kadel is originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and a graduate of Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia and now resides in Los Angeles.  Kadel works primarily in pen, pencil, ink and blades on her signature treated paper. 

Kadel’s work has shown at numerous galleries throughout the US and overseas. Her work has appeared in publications including Juxtapoz, The New Yorker and LA Times Magazine.  You can find more information at