Australia's Mild Manners Gallery are in Los Angeles exhibiting a two-part artist residency to showcase the works of two standout Australian talents:

Opening Reception: May 28, 7-10PM
Exhibition Dates: May 28 - June 3

Sydney artist Kyle Montgomery’s infatuation with the afterlife is intriguing to say the least. He finds himself exploring symbolic items from both religious and spiritual realms then comparing their relevance to one another through various sculptural forms. He’s often hunting antique centres and auction sites for second hand ‘Mary’ statues - a common icon in Christian faith, seen to offer guidance and support on the path to life after death. Montgomery also has a strong interest in crystals and the knowledge and power they are said to contain, symbolise relevance to those on a more spiritual front.

The Crystal Mary - is an intentional collision of two beliefs in physical form, combining religion and spirituality to create the ultimate icon. These sculptural works delve into ideas of re-birth and the after- life, principals and messages he portrayed earlier collage works before transforming them into the three dimensional.
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Opening Reception: June 4, 7-10PM
Exhibition Dates: June 4, 7-10PM

After two stand out solo exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne last year, Australian photographer Sylvé Colless bringing her incredible work to U.S. audiences for the first time. This introspective body of work explores the concept of metamorphosis – the inexorable process of transformation that shapes body and mind.

Building on her earlier exhibitions this collection continues a line of inquiry into the ways that the dual influences of harmony and chaos profoundly shape our psyche and sense of individuality. Aurelia is synonymous with the butterfly chrysalis and also conjures ideas associated to gold. Process and change are the core of existence, with this comes renewal.

This series looks into shared and solitary transformational human experience. Each image represents the flow of energy in the process of personal change: waves that permeate and ricochet, the body itself becomes a reflective surface. The language of light is central and the enduring impression carries the suggestion of enlightenment.


Australian born, Sylvè Colless’s interest in photography began from a young age. She commenced studying Architecture, and her studies of natural light sparked an interest in commercial photography. Her raw, candid fashion and beauty shots draw inspiration from film and art. Her work encompasses many visual mediums including advertising, film, web and fine art.

Sylve’s portfolio continues to expand, and reflects her achievements and the hunger to constantly refine her aesthetic. With a simultaneously artistic and commercial eye, Sylve collaborates with a strong group of close allies including visual and installation artists, musicians, film directors, architects and writers. Her rich and varied work has been featured in highly respected publications including Harpers Bazaar (Aus), Vogue(Aus), Elle (Australia, France, Norway & Portugal) & Russh.

Based in Sydney, Australia. Mild Manners is a transformative project art gallery exhibiting early to mid career artists. Passionate about showcasing alternative contemporary art from the fringes where artists, and the work they produce often sit comfortably in the space between high and low culture groups.

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This residency is proudly supported by RVCA and The Artist Network Program